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iFix Electronics Erina | Summary of news related to ifixelectronics

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iFix Electronics Erina | News ifixelectronics Latest

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iFix Electronics Erina

iFix Electronics Erina

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Mail In Repairs available :
Instagram: @ifixelectronics_erina

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Tools & Equiptment:
Isopropyl Alcohol: (250ml)
Isopropyl Alcohol: (5 Litre) –
Compressed Air:
USB Ammeter:
Dumont Tweezers:
Vetus Tweezers:
Crest Ultrasonic Machine:

USB Car Charger:
Tomo Power Bank:
18650 Batteries for power bank (above):
Isopropyl Whipes: .

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iFix Electronics Erina.


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